Though Earth-44 faced its share of grave threats, it tragically was not graced with any native super heroes. The people of this planet were left vulnerable—an irresistible temptation to the malevolent forces found within the Multiverse. Enter the lonely, bipolar Dr. Will Tornado, a mechanical genius with a vision. Tornado focused his efforts on engineering his own super heroes from the ground up, and decided to base them on the comic books he had read and cherished as a kid. The results are a Justice League as powerful as all the others—only robots. And like the Metal Men of other worlds, each hero is forged of a different mineral, adapting many of its qualities.

Gold—this world's reflection of Superman—serves as the team’s leader. The Earth-44 Batman is a robotic Dark Knight suit of Iron. Wonder Woman is made of Platinum, while the Flash’s role is embodied in Earth-44's speedster, Mercury. Tornado appropriately chose Nth Metal from which to construct Earth-44's Hawkman, inspired by his counterpart’s native planet, Thanagar. Elongated Man is here composed of Tin, giving him that much-needed malleable quality, while the slow and bulky Lead recalls the Justice League's Green Arrow.

Together, they keep the people of their planet safe, a truly shining example of justice, heroism and teamwork.


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