History is ripe with threats of utter destruction at the hands of nuclear war. With weapons forever primed and ready to drop at the push of a button, the world is in a delicate balance of peace and all out devastation. On Earth-17, the nuclear button was pushed in 1963 and nothing has been the same since. 

Fifty years after the fallout, Captain Adam Strange and his Atomic Knights of Justice lead an effort to preserve what’s left of Novamerika, while continuing to defend it. On a nuclear-infused planet where monsters, mutations and mad science have become commonplace, these adventurers know the fragile state of mankind sits on a razors edge between rebirth and heartbreak. As if channeling the famed Conquistador stories of old, this brave group of 21st Century adventurers is on a mission to seek out the elusive Cosmic Grail, the only weapon that can defend Earth-17 from a threat worse than any nuclear war—Darkseid the Destroyer.

Although the road ahead is completely unknown, the quest for the grail must endure in order to rebuild and defend this crumbled world and the still hopeful people who live upon it.


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