Right or wrong. Good or evil. Which path to choose and how to act are decisions we all must face, and super-powered beings aren't exempt from weighing the odds. But those decisions can have repercussions that cause waves instead of ripples, and Earth-22 stands as an example of what can go wrong when actions blur the line between super heroes and super villains.

Here, the second generation of super humans went too far. They put aside moral codes and ethics, using lethal force to eliminate evildoers whenever they deemed it necessary. Seeing that the deadly acts removed psychopaths and dangerous malcontents from the streets permanently, Earth-22 inhabitants didn't protest these "heroic" new methods. Disheartened by the surge of violence and society's tolerance of it, and suffering from a personal tragedy, Superman stepped down and retreated to his Fortress of Solitude.

Every action comes with a price though—even inaction. Magog and his Justice Battalion launched an attack against a foe using excessive force, and the incident led to the destruction of Kansas. The tragedy shocked Superman out of retirement, and now he and the Justice Society of America strive to be a positive example to Earth-22's heroes.


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