No DC superhero as lived as many lives as Hawkman, yet through each of them he has sought justice for humanity and happiness for his beloved Hawkgirl.

Since the days of World War II, there has always been an imposing figure with majestic wings and a striking bird-shaped helmet, brandishing ancient weaponry and standing alongside Earth's greatest heroes in its time of need. A fierce warrior without equal, the hero known as Hawkman has been a human being trapped in an ancient Egyptian curse of endless death and rebirth, and at other times, an alien police officer sent to Earth to help defend it. Sometimes, he's even been a combination of both.

Almost always at the side of his paramour—the warrior woman called Hawkgirl—Hawkman has defended our world from alien invaders and mystical threats alike, first as a member of the Justice Society of America, where he fought against the Axis powers, and later as a member of the Justice League, where he earned the respect of Earth's greatest heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Although there are very few characters with a history as strange and complex as Hawkman's, whether it’s Carter Hall or Katar Hol beneath the mask, Hawkman is one of the DC Universe's greatest heroic icons.


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flight, enhanced strength, weapons expert, combat skill
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Carter Hall

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