Rocketed to Earth-13 from the dying planet of Kamelot, Etrigan became the world’s protector. Known as Superdemon, he defends this Earth in the name of Merlin. Joined by Hellblazer, Annataz, Witchboy, Swamp-Man, Fate, Ragman, Deadman and Enchantress, this strange faction has banded together with a common goal. Known as the League of Shadows, they fight all those who threaten their world.

Of the 52 Earths that make up the Multiverse, Earth-13 is the only one to orbit in a perpetual state of magical twilight. Its strange combination of heroes and history adds to its uniqueness.

But make no mistake, this is not a place one simply pulls a rabbit from a hat and calls it magic.  This is a world of the occult—where the supernatural is real. Where the mystical sorcery is so thick, you breathe it in the air, allowing your senses to tingle with the aroma of witchcraft. No, your eyes haven’t deceived you—that’s exactly what you thought you saw. On Earth-13, the darkness is your light.


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