From a young age, we’re taught the difference between good and evil, and for most of us, those early lessons go on to shape our entire worldview. So imagine what might happen if we were to flip the message. If we were to teach our children that evil was the way of the world. If teachers and philosophers taught their students to “do no good” rather than to “do no harm.” If the world leaders and heroes of our planet sought to maintain chaos and corruption rather than peace.

Our world would be starkly different. It would be a nightmare. It would be a place of death and devastation. It would be Earth-3.

A complete opposite of Earth-0 in every way, good and evil are reversed in the ruthless nations of Earth-3. Greed, ambition and conquest are rewarded, especially when they come at the expense of others. Heroes have no place in a world like this, and so it’s a collective of villains that seek to prolong and foster their Earth’s way of life: Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, the Sea King, Atomica and Grid. Or as they’re better known, the Crime Syndicate.

Yet in a world where destruction is celebrated, how long will it be until all is eliminated and existence itself is wiped out? For Earth-3, that day finally arrived as the entire world was eliminated by an even larger instrument of devastation—the Anti-Monitor. Now, only a few members of the Crime Syndicate remain after fleeing from their Earth to ours. One could view it as poetic justice… if Earth-3 cared about poetry.


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