It’s the dawn of a new era for the residents of Earth-20. With the great and terrible World War now behind them, the men and women of this resilient and hopeful planet have entered a phase of rebuilding and discovery. Science, commerce and industry rule the day, with great minds leading their nations to amazing new heights. But while Earth-20 may be entering a period of enlightenment, danger still exists, inspiring a rollicking crew of extraordinary individuals to rise up and unite in defense of their planet—the Society of Super-Heroes!

Amidst a landscape drawn from the pulp adventures of yesteryear, Doc Fate, Immortal Man, the Mighty Atom, Green Lantern Abin Sur and Lady Blackhawk (leader of the ferocious female aerial squadron that bears her name) travel the face of the globe, protecting their fellow people from threats both powerful and strange.

Adventurers and science heroes all, the men and women of the S.O.S. represent the very best that their Earth has to offer, providing a formidable challenge to those who would seek to do harm to their home.


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