Earth-47 is a stone groove, man. In this happening psychedelic scene, the flower power of the 1960s lives on forever. And even though eternally youthful Prez Rickard oversees a nation dedicated to turning on, tuning in and dropping out, there is still occasionally the need for super heroic feats of strength, endurance and detection. 

Enter the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld, some far out cats led into battle by the afro-sporting Sunshine Superman. Their ranks also include the Dark Knight avenger known as Shooting Star, the green-tinted Magic Lantern and the wily Speed Freak. Plus, they are sometimes assisted by a tailor’s mannequin brought to life after being struck by lightning, known as Brother Power, the Geek. Yeah, we know it all sounds a bit far out, but maybe this thought will help—if you can remember Earth-47, you probably were never there.


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