Climate change. Environmental destruction. Overpopulation. Cultural and religious hostility. Nuclear proliferation. Rapidly evolving disease. Economic imbalance. Corporate corruption. The problems facing the people of Earth-33 are serious and abundant—something that’s made all the more terrifying by its complete lack of super heroes.

But before you write this world off as doomed, know this. Over the past 2,000 years, the people of Earth-33 have thrived. What they lack in power, they make up for in imagination and ingenuity. If they’ve been deprived of the good fortune of other worlds, worlds that have been graced by benevolent alien protectors, fortuitous lightning strikes and a powerful undercurrent of magic, Earth-33 has made up for it in dreams.

These dreams have taken many forms, but most notable of all may be the visual storytelling medium we call comic books. In it, we’ve dreamed of super men who could fly, billionaires who fight crime and Amazon warriors who wield truth-bringing lassos—heroes who have filled up a whole Multiverse of worlds. So when that Multiverse is in danger, it only makes sense that we dream up one more: Ultra Comics, a super hero who exists on Earth-33 the only way he can, in the form of the very medium that birthed them. Will Ultra Comics be enough to keep the Multiverse from falling? Only time will tell. But it’s clear that the lives of millions of super heroes throughout the universe may now be dependent on the most unlikely of saviors: The only world in the Multiverse without them.


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