The Multiverse opens the door to a universe of possibilities, and that potential is on full display on the fascinating Earth-32. It is not a world of opposite reactions, as so many are, but instead one of unique amalgams. Here, super hero powers and histories have collided and transformed to create a different and powerful force known as the Justice Titans. 

Bruce Wayne is not only Batman, but he has been chosen by the Lantern Corps as Earth-32's Green Lantern. This brave Bat-Lantern uses his detective skills and his power ring to instill fear in the hearts of villains. He fights evil alongside his Justice Titans teammates, each of whom represents a combination of two familiar super heroes: Black Arrow is a fierce fighter and archer, Wonderhawk wields both a spiked mace and her faithful Golden Lasso, Aquaflash is the speedster of the sea, and Super-Martian possesses super strength and telepathic abilities.

This formidable roster means Earth-32 is protected by champions both like, and truly unlike any other.


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