Whether it’s being first in line, getting first place in a competition, or something on a larger scale—like being the first to walk on the moon—man has always strived to be number one.  It’s in our DNA.

But there’s a big difference between wanting something and doing it. Being first is something rarely accomplished with ease. It requires braving uncharted—and often scary—waters. The reality is that failure, not success, often befalls those courageous enough to take the leap into the unknown. 

For a handful of heroes, Earth-1 is that proverbial unknown of the Multiverse. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans may be household names to us, but rest assured, these are not the seasoned veterans with storied histories we’ve come to know and love.

On the newly formed Earth-1, these heroes are just starting out. They’re untested, raw and prone to rookie mistakes. They’re learning on the job. Sounds rough, right? Not entirely. They also have a tremendous drive to protect those who can’t protect themselves. As a result, they have the courage to emerge as the first heroes of this infant Earth.  

Will they succeed? Their futures are blank slates, where nothing is certain. Remember, no one said being first was easy.


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