You can’t judge a hero by his or her size—and we’re not just talking about the Atom—because on this world, the physics have taken on a new dimension. And that dimension is diminutive, to say the least. This is the world of the tiny heroes—exact duplicates of all the familiar champions and villains, but of a Lilliputian stature.

Little was known of this Earth, and less did its inhabitants know of the perils of the other vibrations of the Multiverse. Their lives, while heroic, might be considered charmed as they were untouched by death itself. That is, until the day its Superman met a horrible fate at the hands of an otherworldly horror.

Apart from that nightmare, the citizens of Earth-42 continue to live lives unburdened by fear. They frolic like children in a world of imagination and wonder. But when called upon to do their part to save the Multiverse, rest assured that they will answer that call as the true heroes they are


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