Blue skies. Lush green trees. Rolling amber hills. Oceans that stretch for thousands of miles. Bustling cities and small towns. Vibrant, colorful life, community and culture. All of it kept safe by a squadron of super heroes known as the Justice League.

If you read DC Comics, then you know Earth-0 well. It’s the home of Superman and Metropolis, Batman and Gotham City, Wonder Woman and Paradise Island. It’s the world where Jonathan and Martha Kent rescued and raised a small baby boy who had arrived from a distant world. Where Bruce Wayne tragically lost his parents as a child. Where Hal Jordan was selected to join a team of emerald-hued heroes, Arthur Curry is the rightful King of Atlantis and Barry Allen’s life was transformed by a fateful bolt of lightning.

Whether they’re the high-powered, high profile heroes who fight as part of the League, or the equally inspiring men and women who have donned costumes and masks to help protect their hometown, all the many young super heroes of Earth-0 are at the peak of their powers and achievements. Yet the same can also be said for the super-villains of this world, of which there are many as well.


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