Unlike other worlds in the Multiverse, everything on Earth-9 has been influenced by its super-powered heroes and villains.  Its geography is shaped by them.  Its economy revolves around them.  Its politics are greased by them.  Every aspect of life on this world is swayed by super human hands.

There’s the being of great mental power and vast intelligence known as Superman.  A speedster called the Flash who can move faster than the speed of light—which also happens to be her power source.  A Green Lantern who resurrects the dead and a freedom-loving prankster with an anarchist’s heart that goes by the Joker.  The armored spirit of Batman, whose eternal pursuit of justice has left him lost in time.  And you can’t forget the man sitting atop the super-powered mountain—the Atom, Earth-9’s principal hero. 

With all those powers, something has to give and while Earth-9’s role in the enormous Multiverse remains to be seen, one suspects that it will be…well, super!


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