Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The three most powerful and beloved super heroes the world over. To people of all nations and cultures, these three remarkable individuals inspire hope, perseverance and achievement, assuring us that we have nothing to fear from anyone looking to do harm to our world and its citizens.

Imagine, then, what might happen if they were all to fall in the same battle.

Many people would lose hope and drift into despair. But Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Kendra Munoz-Saunders, Thomas Wayne, Val-Zod and many other men and women of Earth-2 saw it as a calling, rising up to form a new generation of heroes determined to pick up where the previous ones left off. It won’t be easy. Not always trusted by the people of their world, these new heroes will be tested from all sides, never more so than by the beings that destroyed their predecessors in the first place—the evil New Gods of Apokolips. With the fate of Earth-2 on the line, these diverse individuals must put aside their differences and stand together, succeeding where others before them have failed, freeing their world of the threats seeking its destruction. They must do this in Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman’s honor… or risk befalling their fate.


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