A hero by any other name is still a hero. Here on Earth-36, heroes took on names and identities evocative of more familiar beings and fought a never-ending battle for truth and justice.

Red Racer was the fastest human alive. Flashlight bravely answered the alien call to join the Corp that protects his sector of the galaxy. The Iron Knight, War-Woman, Mer-Man, Cyberion.  These heroes, and others, banded together to become the Justice 9. 

Chief among them was the strange visitor from another planet known as Optiman. Even with his powers and abilities far beyond those of humans and the Justice 9 by his side, he was unable to survive the Multiverse-spanning threat known as Superdoomsday. Satisfied by his victory, the monster left that universe behind in search of new prey, and what was left of the Justice 9 struggled to put their world back together again.


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