It all starts at the top. Earth-21 was once a world where the American government treated super heroes with trepidation. Leaders gave in to paranoia and actively pursued vigilantes, while the tumultuous times faced by this world strained international relationships. The US was at the height of its Cold War with the Soviet Union and in the midst of the Civil Rights movement and atomic testing. The nation and planet as a whole were under immense pressure and strain.

And then President John F. Kennedy took office.

On Earth-21, Kennedy was never assassinated. Instead, his optimism proved contagious and under his guidance, the United States of America embraced the future. Citizens stood a little taller and turned their eyes ahead and up toward the stars. They found their sense of wonder.

The stalwart leader repaired the tenuous connection between his country and those with super powers, and the faithful Justice League of America was formed to guard the world and its ideals. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash and other pioneers and scientists now stand at the forefront of Earth-21’s progress and exploration, an inspiration to us all.


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