Innovation is king. New art styles are being explored. Profound and exciting advances in science are being made, and the air crackles with discovery. New electrical technologies have been introduced to this world in the throes of an industrial revolution, and change is the only constant. It's a place where intellect and culture combine in fervent discussions against a backdrop of elegant post-Victorian era aesthetics. King Edward rules this 21st century empire where the past feels like the future. This is Earth-19. 

Earth-19 may appear to lag a century behind other worlds in the Multiverse, but that doesn't mean its citizens are completely behind the times. Quite the opposite. They are focused on progress and that can only be helped by the arrival of the super-humans. Bat-Man, Accelerated Man, The Wonder Woman, The Shrinking Man and others all stand ready to defend the Modernist world and its values. If any Earth is prepared to handle unusual and trying challenges, it's Earth-19.


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