We all have our own stories to tell, but those stories still need inspiration. So what if it were possible to take all the ideas we could ever have and gather them in a single space that everyone could access? You could end up with a world like Earth-35, in which the use of its "concept space" led to the creation of a world analogous to others in the Multiverse, yet distinct...

The ever-watchful Monitors built the "pseudoverse" that is Earth-35. “Ideominers” on harvesting stations gathered threads of ideas to design an artificial universe. Why? Their reasons, like so much about the Monitors, is unknown.

The ideominers discovered the notion of super heroes in Earth-35’s concept space and gave the world a gallant team to look after its people. The Super-Americans are lead by the remarkable Supremo, who fights alongside Starcop, Mercury-Man, Miss X, Morphin' Man, Majesty—Queen of Venus, Olympian and the Owl.


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