Earth-39 has problems just like anywhere else, but this world can’t turn to a Green Lantern Corps whenever its citizens find themselves facing an existential threat. Instead, they tend to rely on the shadowy operatives known as the Agents of W.O.N.D.E.R.

Working largely in secret out of an obscure branch of the UN, the Agents of W.O.N.D.E.R. (an acronym for World Organization of National Defense and Emergency Reserves) were like any other team of elite, morally questionable super-spies. That is, until they discovered the impressive technological designs of brilliant young inventor Happy DaVinci, a dizzying array of strange suits, weapons and curiosities with names like The Cycle-Harness, the Ghost Chamber, the LightWing and the CypherSuit.

Utilizing DaVinci’s amazing gear—which grants abilities like invulnerability, super-speed, psychic ability and flight—the Agents took on new identities: Cyclotron, Doctor Nemo, Corvus, Accelerator and Psi-Man.

But their incredible new powers come at a dangerous price. Extended use of these miraculous innovations can prove addictive, with the potential to collapse the user's identity and sense of self, ruining their lives—a shockingly clear indicator of the cost of justice in this world and many others. 


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