Hours and minutes. These measurements of time aren't what many would call significant, but they can make all the difference. On Earth-30, Kal-L's arrival on earth was delayed by mere hours and instead of landing upon the fields of Kansas, the Kryptonian's rocket crashed on a Russian collective farm. Raised on Soviet soil, Kal-L became a Communist Superman.

The presence of Superman and his extraordinary abilities meant Russia was revered as the world's only superpower. However, the United States did not stand idly by. American leaders scrambled to put the country on equal footing, and the genius Lex Luthor was all too ready to provide assistance. He flexed his mental muscles and created Bizarro, using that Superman clone along with Green Lantern as American super-weapons 

Luthor also enlisted the assistance of Batman. The caped hero became a painful thorn in the sides of Russian authorities as he embraced his role as a terrorist freedom fighter. What began as a personal vendetta against a member of the Joseph Stalin's police force became something bigger as Batman executed acts of insurgency against Superman's regime.

But that’s in the past. Now, after decades of strife and struggle between Russia and the United States, the citizens of Earth-30 are prospering. Superman is presumed dead and the world thrives under leadership from the Luthor family.


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