The brightness of some locations in the Multiverse is too dazzling to be ignored, and Earth-34's Cosmoville is such a place. On the surface the city seems like any other, but take a closer look and you'll see it's a rich and lustrous environment that shines in no small part to the many super heroes who reside there. These remarkable men and women live and work within this urban metropolis, and when necessary, save the day from the many villains who also call its streets their home.

One group in particular stands out among Cosmoville's super citizens: The Light Brigade. The team is led by Savior—the valiant last survivor of the ancient super-civilization of Mu. Savior was sent into the future in order to escape certain doom, forming the Light Brigade to keep his newly adopted home safe. Of course, the fact that he was practically surrounded by super heroes didn’t hurt and filling the team's ranks with a variety of skill sets and abilities proved much simpler than on other worlds. Herculina, Radman, Goodfellow, Formula-1, Ghostman, Master Motley, Cutie, the Stingray and many others stand tall and make Cosmoville proud and thrill its non-powered citizens with their exploits.


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