At first look, the world of Earth-4 looks very much like ours, with many of the same problems, much of the same history, and many of the same ideals…with one key difference. Whether it was in search of justice, thrills or revenge, in the latter half of the 20th Century a number of remarkable men and women with no powers to speak of other than resourcefulness, intelligence and various levels of combat training donned costumes and took to the streets, fighting to keep the peace and protect their fellow law abiding citizens. Whether it was the technology-driven Blue Beetle, the beautiful-but-dangerous Nightshade, the patriotic, state-sponsored Peacemaker or the violent, unsanctioned Question, they fought villains using little more than their fists.

Then everything changed. When Captain Allen Adam came into close contact with the unstable element known as U-235, it altered him forever, changing his appearance and endowing him with powerful “quantum senses” capable of manipulating the very fabric of reality. The world’s first—and only—super-powered hero was born.

Yet rather than rendering Earth-4’s human heroes irrelevant, the newly minted Captain Atom gave them a powerful rallying point. Joining alongside the blue-hued superman, they formed the Pax Americana, a peacekeeping group of uninformed agents united to keep the streets, and their nation’s interests, secure from threats within their borders and beyond.


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