When Jorel and Lara of the dying planet Krypton sent their son, Kalel, to Earth, he not only would grow up to become Earth-23’s greatest hero, he’d become one of the world’s political leaders, as well. Secretly disguised as United States President Calvin Ellis, Kalel helps to maintain world peace as Superman, and in the process has inspired a generation of young Black super heroes to rise up and join him.

Nubia. The Guardian. Vixen. Green Lantern. Black Lightning. Mister Miracle. Some of these heroes can also be found on Earth-0, while some are reflections of other more familiar heroes—and others are entirely unique. Yet while they may look and act differently, Earth-23’s heroes share one core similarity with our own and that of many of the Multiverse’s other heroes. Whether alone or as part of the Justice League, their names inspire hope and the promise of a better future to the men and women of Earth-23.

Men and women much like ourselves. 


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