Imagine a world where everyone was a super hero, every home was a secret lair or a Fortress of Solitude and everything—the plants, the animals, the people—had an epically dramatic backstory.

The world you’re imagining is Earth-48, sometimes known as “Warworld” (because it’s not a planet made up entirely of super-beings without a cool alter-ego name).

This is the home of the Forerunners, a heroic race of titans bred by the benevolent Monitors and designed to protect the Multiverse from any threats. (Particularly those coming from Darkseid’s direction.) The result is a universe almost beyond comprehension, where every day is a crossover event, every problem is a cataclysm and even the birds have their own logos! 

Here the Royal Family of Warworld, led by the noble Lord Volt and Lady Quark, holds dominion. The family’s ranks also include Liana, Brother Eyes, Antarctic Monkey, Danger Dog and, of course, Kid Vicious.


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