With a mere whisper of the name “SHAZAM!,” the sound of a magical lightning bolt is heard as it hurtles across the sky on a collision course with Billy Batson, transforming him from a wide-eyed boy into the super-powered man mortals call “Captain Marvel.”  

Earth-5, known as “Thunderworld” around the Multiverse, is home to everyone’s favorite magical team, the Marvel Family. Always with a sunny disposition, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel draw their power from the great wizard Shazam, who is located in the Rock of Eternity that floats in the celestials of Thunderworld. With the help of the Marvel Lieutenants, the Marvels keep their world safe from the likes of the Monster Society, aliens and anything in between.

There is, however, one constant danger to the Thunderworld—Doctor Sivana, a brilliant, but crazed scientist whose sole purpose is to eradicate anything magical. For him, the goal is simple: to rule over Thunderworld and eventually the entire Multiverse.

With villians like Sivana threatening the Multiverse, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the bright spots. Not here, though. Earth-5 is a place where one can see the positive impact heroes have on their world. It’s a magical place where each day brings a new, action-packed adventure.  


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