For every day, there’s a night. For every summer, a winter. Every birth, a death. For every truth that spoken, there’s a lie. Every creation, destruction. Every time of peace, there’s an age of war. If it’s true that most good things in life have a dark opposite, why can’t this be true of worlds as well? So it is with Earth-40.

A “binary universe” within the Multiverse, the malevolent Earth-40 vibrates in harmony with its far more peaceful counterpart, Earth-20. But where that world gave birth to a Society of Super-Heroes, it’s the villains that reign supreme on Earth-40, uniting to form the merciless Society of Super-Villains: The immortal, sociopathic Vandal Savage, the macabre Doc Faust, the lethal, pitiless Lady Shiva, the brutal and brilliant Blockbuster, and the terrifying Count Sinestro. Together, they kill, conquer and pillage anything that strikes their fancy, with little to stand in their way.

Hope, faith and laughter are in short supply. This is a world of despair, sadness and fear, where mankind’s darkest qualities are rewarded. On Earth-40, only the strong survive… but only the ruthless thrive.


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