A rich world vibrant with culture, community, art and commerce. Earth-7 shared a similar history and development with Earth-8, down to its numerous heroes. Many of Earth-7’s greatest protectors had close counterparts on Earth-8. While the differences between the two were subtle, the potential held within this world was great.

Therefore, it should be seen as nothing less than tragic that Earth-7 was the first to fall to the Gentry. Billions of people and hundreds of super heroes perished, the world surviving as a mere shell of what it once was. Where there was intelligence and vibrancy, now only madness and death remains. The laws of physics shattered, Earth-7’s reality has been twisted and corrupted.

The sole survivor of the cataclysm was Thunderer, a powerful hero who was saved by the last of the Monitors and sent to the House of Heroes to rally help. 


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