Renee Montoya

Whether as a hard-hitting cop of the GCPD or the mysterious, faceless vigilante known as the Question, Renee Montoya is devoted to cleaning up the streets of Gotham…within the law and, if necessary, outside of it.

Renee Montoya was first introduced to the world in Batman: The Animated Series as a morally strong, virtuous, and open-minded beat cop partner to the oafish and outspoken Harvey Bullock on the Gotham City Police Department. Later, Montoya made the leap to comics as a tough, streetwise detective who quickly earned the trust of Commissioner Gordon and Gotham's legendary Bat as an officer who could be trusted inside the often corrupt GCPD. Operating for years as a closeted lesbian, Montoya was eventually outed by Two-Face, a traumatic, shocking violation that caused her deeply conservative parents to disown her. Professionally, however, it was little more than a blip and Montoya now stands alongside Gordon and Harvey Bullock as one of Gotham City's best cops and closest non-masked allies to Batman.

It was perhaps this cautious trust in masked operatives which eventually made Montoya a prime candidate for vigilantism herself when she was approached to continue the work of the mysterious crime fighter known as the Question.


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