Lex Luthor

An egomaniacal genius and billionaire industrialist, Lex Luthor fights a neverending personal, public, and political battle against Superman.

He’s the most intelligent man on Earth. But Lex Luthor has only ever used his brilliant mind for selfish gain and to further his own bitter vendetta against those he feels have done him wrong. A notorious sociopath and xenophobe in almost every one of his incarnations—be it scientist, businessman or even the President of the United States—Luthor always uses his power and influence not to help mankind, but to attempt to destroy the one man on the planet who makes him feel insignificant: Superman.

Although he has no superpowers to speak of, Luthor has come closer to defeating the Man of Steel more times than any of his other adversaries. With his brilliant mind, Luthor’s schemes nearly always come close to vanquishing Superman, until his massive ego gets in his way. No matter the situation, it’s Luthor’s hubris that’s always his downfall.

To much of the world, Lex Luthor is a respectable, self-made man—the pinnacle of human achievement, due to his massive wealth and standing in the worlds of business and politics. But to Superman and the other superheroes of the Justice League, he’s the most dangerous man alive, and the one super-villain who is never to be underestimated.

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genius-level intellect, inexhaustible wealth, political influence
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CEO of LexCorp

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