Justice Society of America

The world's first team of DC Super Heroes, the JSA has fought injustice since it was formed in the days of World War II.

In 1938, the Golden Age of DC Super Heroes began. Various people of incredible ability, talent and will donned strange costumes and uniforms to fight criminals, spies and bizarre menaces. In 1940, circumstances led eight of these Golden Age heroes to combine forces against Hitler and the Axis Powers. After this first team-up, they decided to regularly meet and support each other as the Justice Society of America, history’s first team of superheroes.

After membership changes and many battles, the heroes of the JSA went their separate ways. But whenever they were needed, they would emerge from retirement to stop foes old and new, sometimes working alongside the new generations of heroes to emerge in their wake. Today, the Justice Society has come to represent not just the heroes of yesteryear but an enduring legacy that strives to uphold timeless ideals of justice, freedom and hope.


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