An immortal warrior who's been reborn into countless lives, Kendra Saunders uses her past to plot a course for a brighter future.

Throughout the history of the Multiverse, there has been a line of fierce, winged women who have defended the Earth and gone by the name Hawkgirl. Although often seen fighting at the side of a Hawkman, she is no mere love interest or sidekick, but a formidable hero in her own right. Different iterations of Hawkgirl have served as members of such teams as the Justice Society, the Justice League and the Wonders of the World.

Although the women who have worn the wings of Hawkgirl have come from different backgrounds—even different planets—they’ve always struck an imposing figure in any DC superhero team’s lineup. More often than not, a Hawkgirl has been the Justice Society and Justice League’s secret weapon, due to her fighting skills and ferocity in battle. Suffice it to say that if one is fighting an alien invasion or the entire Secret Society of Super-Villains, one wants a flying warrior woman wielding a gigantic mace to have their back.


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Character Facts

flight, enhanced strength, healing factor, weapons expert, combat skill
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Real Name

Shayera Hol/Kendra Saunders (Earth 2)

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