The Suicide Squad's most tragic member, June Moon has been both blessed and cursed to play host to a supernatural entity.

When mild-mannered June Moone inadvertently opened herself up to possession by a powerful magical entity known as the Enchantress, her life was forever changed. Upon speaking the words "Enchantress," June transforms from her mortal self and completely succumbs to Enchantress' parasitic whims, which are often as powerful as they are uncontrollable.

Despite her perpetual fear of losing control to the entity, June has made every attempt to harness the powers of the Enchantress and use them for the greater good. With help from other powerful magic users and the less-than-gentle guidance of Amanda Waller, June found a place for herself and the Enchantress in Justice League Dark, Shadowpact and the Suicide Squad.

Still, the risk of forever losing herself to Enchantress' arcane magic is something June faces every time she allows the entity to transform her. There will come a day, she fears, when the danger posed by her supernatural abilities will outweigh the reward of being a DC superhero.

For more on Enchantress' history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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