James Gordon

Not all heroes in Gotham City wear masks. GCPD Commissioner James Gordon is the Dark Knight's greatest ally, and one of his closest friends.

Batman may be the sworn guardian of Gotham City, but the man who makes it possible for the Dark Knight to safeguard its streets is James Gordon. A veteran cop who rose through the ranks by putting his foot down on rampant corruption—even when that stalwart devotion to justice came at great personal cost—Gordon worked tirelessly on Gotham’s police force, eventually earning himself the title of commissioner.

One of the first GCPD officers to accept the Batman’s help, Gordon was responsible for one of the Gotham skyline’s most iconic features: the Bat-Signal, a tool that only he is authorized to use. Despite being given many opportunities to learn Batman’s identity, Gordon has never done so, valuing their partnership and the Dark Knight’s ability to maintain plausible deniability.

Gordon remains one of Batman’s closest friends and most trusted confidants outside the Bat-Family, and the most vital part of his job fighting crime in Gotham City.


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