Red Hood

Former Robin Jason Todd parted ways with the Batman over their vastly different approaches to crimefighting, eventually founding his own team, the Outlaws.

Death can be a strange thing for superheroes, especially when it doesn’t quite stick. Just ask Jason Todd. As Batman’s second Robin, Jason died at the hands of the Joker when he was just a child. But he returned to life with the help of a Lazarus Pit and the literal warping of time and reality.

Unfortunately, Jason’s resurrection was far from a pleasant one. Traumatized by his own violent end, Jason returned to the world unhinged and bent on revenge. Not only for himself, but for everyone caught in the crossfire of the endless catch-and-release cycle of Gotham City’s super-villain underworld. He trained himself to be a killer and a mercenary, and he took on a new identity and code name—the Red Hood—in order to strike his own brand of fear in Gotham’s criminals.

Over time, Jason learned to deal with his rage in a way that didn’t rack up a body count and he made peace with Batman and his fellow superheroes. But the bad blood between him and his adoptive family is ever ready to paint their city red once more.


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