Lucius Fox

If Alfred Pennyworth is the man behind the Bat—the voice of reason and emotional support for the Dark Knight—Lucius Fox is the man behind Bruce Wayne, providing him with the technology and gadgetry he needs while single-handedly maintaining the financial integrity of Wayne Enterprises.

As CEO, Lucius presides over the strategy and management of Bruce Wayne's multi-billion dollar company, ensuring it remains profitable while remaining ethical. Very intelligent and with a knack for business that’s second to none, Lucius plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial security of the business, which allows Bruce to concentrate on his more nocturnally inclined activities as Batman. Whether or not Lucius is fully aware of his employer's vigilantism is unclear, but he has admitted that he prefers to retain a level of "plausible deniability." Regardless, Lucius does tend to allocate funds toward research and development projects that would be incredibly beneficial to the Dark Knight's cause.

Lucius Fox's resourcefulness and business acumen place him alongside Alfred and Commissioner Gordon as a valuable asset to the Dark Knight, without whom Batman's success would be much more difficult to achieve…if not outright impossible.


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