Killer Croc

Part man, part reptile, Killer Croc has swum his way out of the sewers of Gotham City and into the ranks of the Suicide Squad. 

Most of Batman's rogues gallery is comprised of mentally deranged killers, or diabolically smart criminal masterminds. Most are generally human. But one stands apart—the massive freak of nature known as Killer Croc. Born as Waylon Jones, Croc has a rare genetic condition which gives him a crocodilian appearance. Raised by an abusive aunt who mocked his deformity, he eventually ran away and joined the circus, becoming a sideshow carnival attraction, where patrons could come and gawk at the freakish strongman called "Killer Croc." Croc eventually departed for Gotham City, where he began a life of crime—one which brought him into regular conflict with the Dark Knight.

Although he began as just a man with crocodile-like skin, over the years, Killer Croc's appearance has grown more and more inhuman. Croc now has a more bestial form, complete with a truly reptilian head, razor sharp claws and teeth, and a tail. His animal nature has made him a formidable foe, but his limited intellect has kept him from ever truly achieving his true potential. Nevertheless, Croc’s brute strength and killer instincts have made him an ever-present thorn in Batman’s side, who must be ever vigilant in case the deadly Croc once again emerges from the sewers below to wreak havoc on Gotham City.

For more on Killer Croc's history, visit his page on DCUniverse.com.


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