Black Mask

The sadistic Roman Sionis only cares about two things: hurting people, and total control of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. If he can use one to accomplish the other, then all the better.

In a city full of villains who declare themselves the sworn enemy of Batman, few share that same enmity for billionaire Bruce Wayne. One exception to this is Roman Sionis, the Black Mask. Born into wealth and power much as Bruce Wayne was, Roman harbored nothing but resentment for his wealthy parents and the many opportunities they presented to him. With an ebony mask fused to his face, Roman set out to destroy Bruce and take control of the city that failed him, by whatever means necessary.

Recently, the role of Black Mask was temporarily filled by Jeremiah Arkham, the director of Arkham Asylum. Using Roman’s signature visage, Arkham orchestrated the chaos of the asylum’s most notorious patients, until Sionis returned once more to reclaim his title.


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