Talia al Ghul

One of the world’s greatest spymasters, Talia al Ghul is a woman perpetually caught between the visions of the two most important men in her life: her father, Ra’s al Ghul, and her Beloved, Batman.

“Talia,” as the Demon’s Daughter has simply been called for most of her history, has lived an extremely gendered life. Born into the highest echelon of the ancient and patriarchal League of Assassins, Talia could have had all the power in the world if not for the unfortunate happenstance of being born a woman.

A peerless fighter and martial artist who possesses a keen mind for both strategy and tactics, Talia was nonetheless led to believe that the only way to secure the power lost to her by birth was to find a suitable male partner and produce a son. Yet, having accomplished both romance with her ideal man and the birth of a perfect heir, Talia was still left wanting. It was not until the Demon’s Daughter took her destiny into her own hands, forming the clandestine criminal empire known as Leviathan, that Talia al Ghul at last became something more powerful than even her venerable father could imagine.


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