Carmine Falcone

One of the most feared and ruthless gangsters in Gotham City, Carmine "The Roman" Falcone isn't afraid to go up against both the Dark Knight and the GCPD.

The godfather of the Falcone crime family, Don Carmine Falcone is one of Gotham’s most infamous and feared mafiosi. Brilliant and brutally efficient, Falcone ranks among the most powerful people in the city, with members of his mafia in nearly every branch of Gotham’s government, police force and infrastructure. Though this places him squarely in the crosshairs of the Caped Crusader more frequently than not, Falcone has a tense and complicated relationship with the Wayne family. When Falcone was young, he was caught in a mob hit and shot multiple times. His father, not willing to take him to a public hospital, took him to Thomas Wayne, who saved his life. From that moment on, Falcone viewed himself as indebted to the Wayne family, something that weighs heavily on Bruce’s conscience as he continues his war on crime.

Famously, Falcone has had a hand in multiple assassination and kidnapping attempts against Commissioner Jim Gordon and his family, one of the few Gotham cops who have avoided falling into the Falcone family’s pocket.


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