Victor Zsasz

There’s nothing charming or eccentric about this wanton, knife-wielding serial killer who stalks Gotham City. His only affectation: a fresh tally mark carved into his own skin for each new life he claims.

Victor Zsasz is not a super-villain. He doesn’t wear a costume, he doesn’t have themed henchmen, he doesn’t leave clever clues for Batman to find. He needs no money and no fame. His only desire is to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill.

Zsasz knows that he only has so much time on this meaningless world, and the more people he can take with him before he goes, the better. As with all of the most notorious killers, his grim game comes with a set of rules: first, each murder is personal and committed with the cuts of a knife. And second, for every “zombie” he ushers towards oblivion, a new accounting is made by the edge of that knife upon his own skin. Often depicted as completely hairless, the only way to tell who Zsasz is at a glance is by the dizzying number of tally marks on every inch of his skin. Each one, the death of a person whose only crime was breathing the same air as Victor Zsasz.


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