Many teens undergo an anti-establishment phase. They fight against authority, rejecting the government and any type of oversight. They demand equality and oppose corruption. Sometimes though, it's more than just standing against the establishment. Sometimes, in order to combat corruption, it’s better to abolish the establishment completely and let anarchy reign.

Highly intelligent and deeply philosophical, Lonnie Machin developed a strong ethical and apolitical code. Looking at the world around him, he saw corruption, social oppression and the suffering of everyday people—and saw the government doing nothing about it. Taking a cue from the Dark Knight, Machin studied martial arts and put his engineering abilities and knowledge of computer technology to use to become a vigilante himself: Anarky. Although he thinks of himself as a hero like Batman and believes anarchy would help the people help themselves, Batman views Anarky's methods and actions as childish and violent, and considers Anarky a public threat, plain and simple.

Anarky uses his abilities to bring down any corporation or authoritative entity that he feels hurts and oppresses people. While he can throw a punch as well as anyone, he relies primarily on his thorough understanding of modern technology to defeat his foes along with the very essence of anarchy itself—surprise.


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