Lois Lane

Lois Lane's career spans more than eight decades—as the world's most celebrated journalist, the mother of Superboy and the wife of Superman.

They say behind every great man is an equally great woman. So, it’s fitting that Superman, the World’s Greatest Super Hero, has had the support of Lois Lane since he first appeared way back in 1938. But as the world’s most famous news reporter, Lois is every bit a hero in her own right. From her earliest years as a love interest and damsel-in-distress for the Man of Steel through her evolution into a fearless social crusader, Lois has become synonymous with everything Superman himself stands for: truth, justice and the American way.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for Metropolis’s Daily Planet, Lois takes her work uncovering the truth very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that it’s had the unfortunate side effect of putting her in danger more than a few times. Luckily, even before they were romantically involved, Superman has always been there to catch her when she falls.

Over the years, Lois has worn many hats besides that of journalist. She's been a wife and mother, a costumed vigilante, a ghostwriter and a political activist, making her a Superwoman in fact as well as name.


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