Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is the deadliest martial artist in the DC Universe. She has served many causes and many masters, but has only one true motivation: the pursuit of a worthy challenge.

Known across the world as the deadliest woman alive, Sandra Wu-San—commonly referred to as Lady Shiva, after the Hindu god of destruction—has never known a threat she could not overcome. No one knows for certain why she kills or for whom she’ll kill tomorrow. Some say she has a death wish that the world has yet to grant her. Others say that her only true enemy is boredom. Lady Shiva has trained the League of Assassins, saved entire cities and has even squarely defeated Batman in single combat. But perhaps her greatest challenge is to define her relationship with her estranged daughter, Cassandra Cain—the only person who may be capable of surpassing her.


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Alias/Alter Ego:
Sandra Wu-San
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