Rick Flag

Resourcefulness. Intuitiveness. Bravery. Skill in combat. All these qualities are useful assets for a soldier, and Rick Flag has them in spades. His exemplary military record put him on Amanda Waller’s radar, and she drafted him to lead the Suicide Squad, much like his father, Rick Flag Sr., did before him. The younger Rick accepted the new role, but he wasn’t exactly thrilled about the gig.

Leading the infamous Suicide Squad comes with a lot of baggage. Comprised entirely of criminals and super-villains, the group draws the most challenging missions where survival is almost always secondary. As a military hero, Rick doesn’t share the checkered past of many of his teammates, but is nevertheless fiercely loyal to the Squad. He’s never backed down from a conflict and he’s applied his talents as a leader, a pilot and a fighter in scrape after scrape.

A soldier through and through, Rick respects the chain of command and never fails to follow Waller’s orders. Whether he’s battling the supernatural, leading a clandestine mission or just sacrificing personal relationships in favor of the job, Rick has risen to the occasion again and again. Considering the Squad’s survival rate, that’s really saying something.


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