Wielder of the fearsome Soultaker Sword, Tatsu Yamashiro escaped a tragic past to fight alongside the Outsiders and the Suicide Squad.

While there are many great warriors in the DC Universe, there is simply no one more proficient with a sword than the hero known as Katana. Born in Japan and trained in the ways of the Samurai, Tatsu Yamashiro had a wonderful life, a loving husband and two wonderful children. Sadly, one fateful night, it was all taken away from her when a jealous suitor she once spurned murdered her entire family. Seeking revenge, she took possession of the mystical Soultaker Sword, a legendary blade that housed the spirts of those who lost their lives to it, including Tatsu's husband.

Calling herself Katana, named after the sword she now wielded, Tatsu embarked on a mission to bring to justice those who had harmed the innocent. First finding a home under the guidance of the Batman as a part of his team the Outsiders, Katana eventually served as a part of the Suicide Squad, and later, became a member of the Birds of Prey as well the Justice League of America. Forever marked by the tragedy that created her, Katana is one of the most formidable superheroes in the DC Universe and a living weapon of justice that all evildoers should fear.


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