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The #DCTV Secrets of THE FLASH: Episode 8 - "Flash vs. Arrow"

The #DCTV Secrets of THE FLASH: Episode 8 - "Flash vs...

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Together, we will unlock the secrets of this boomerang!

This is a big one. The eagerly awaited Flash/Arrow crossover began tonight with a fight for the ages as the Flash took on the Arrow across the mean streets of Central City. For the sake of anyone who may have wandered in here before watching the episode, we’re not going to say which hero emerged triumphant. But that’s about the only Secret we’re not about to reveal!

Here are this week’s #DCTV Secrets you might be asking about:

  • Singhing the Captain’s praises
  • A many-colored menace
  • Who was that mystery woman?
  • Some fiery foreshadowing

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Don’t run any farther if you don’t want to know any more. But of course you do and you will.






CCPD’s Fearless Leader

As members of the Central City Police Department, Barry Allen, Detective West and Detective Thawne all report to Captain David Singh. Played by actor Patrick Sabongui and first introduced in the show’s pilot episode, Captain Singh has played a consistent supporting role on the show since the very beginning (usually criticizing Barry for running late).  However, tonight’s episode offered our first hints regarding Captain Singh’s personal life, when he mentioned his boyfriend’s insistence that they eat better at home.

Like on the show, David Singh is a gay character in the New 52 comics, but he holds a slightly different position of authority. He’s not the Captain of the CCPD, but the director of the crime lab Barry’s employed at. He still gives Barry a hard time about running late, though.

Now, whether or not Captain Singh’s boyfriend is a former ex-super villain remains to be seen…

Prism… Why DOESN’T that sound familiar?

Tonight’s villain is another classic Flash foe… with a twist. Roy G. Bivilo (played by actor Paul Anthony) is a color blind thief who was referred to as Prism throughout tonight’s episode. If that name had you scratching your head, well, there’s a reason for that. Bivilo ISN’T known as Prism in the comics (that’s someone else). He goes by another colorful name: Rainbow Raider. In a fun little Easter Egg, it’s actually Caitlin Snow who uses the Raider name at the very end of the episode.

The change in name wasn’t the only difference between Bivilo’s comic incarnation and the one we saw tonight. In the comics, Rainbow Raider can control people’s emotions through the use of color, but he’s also able to create solid color constructs through the use of specially created goggles (were you wondering why there was so much emphasis put on his sunglasses?). We certainly didn’t see that ability in tonight’s episode, but Bivilo did survive. Maybe we’ll see it later?

You can check out a key Rainbow Raider storyline in UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED. By the way, if you were wondering why he has such an unusual real life name, it’s actually a reference to his ability. The seven visible colors of the spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The first letters of each of those form the first part of Roy’s name: ROY G BIV.

Admit it, when you woke up this morning, would you ever in a million years think you’d be learning this much about the Rainbow Raider?

A Mystery from Ollie’s Past

How big of a Secret this is probably has to do with whether you’re watching Arrow as well as The Flash, and how much you know about Oliver Queen’s comic book history.

Near the end of tonight’s episode, Oliver runs into a mysterious, nameless woman from his past in CC Jitters. He tells Felicity that she’s “someone that I used to know.” Arrow viewers will recognize her from the flashbacks in last season’s “Seeing Red” as the young woman who became pregnant after a fling with Oliver. In those flashbacks, it’s revealed that Moira Queen paid the girl off to tell Oliver that she lost the baby and to leave town, which is what she did (settling down in Central City, no less!). Oliver has no clue that he’s really a father.

However, comic fans know that in earlier storylines he is. The mysterious woman is named Sandra Hawke, who mothered a child with Oliver that would one day fight at his side and even replace him as Green Arrow. We’ll save that story until we get to it on the show, but if you’re curious you can read all about it in Green Arrow Vol. 2, starting in Issue #91.

Central City’s Burning Man

A few weeks ago, Iris referred to a metahuman in Central City with the ability to set his body aflame. Well, at the very end of tonight’s episode, we finally see him. So who is he? Well, if the previous shot of Caitlin looking at her former fiancé didn’t make it clear, that’s Ronnie Raymond. His accident with the accelerator has clearly left him a little…altered. It’s no mystery to reveal that Raymond is one half of Firestorm. Clearly, for now at least, that half is the first half: Fire.


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