These secrets might require medical attention!

The secrets in this week’s episode are coming as fast as The Flash  Here are this week’s #DCTV Secrets you might be asking about:

  • What is the BlueDevil?
  • Why is there a movie about Rita Farr?
  • A 52 sighting?
  • A glimpse of Justice?
  • Who's in the mist?

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A Blue Devil Sequel?

Barry and Iris walk past a movie theater and we learn that In The Flash universe there is apparently an entirely different slate of DC movies being made than those recently announced in ours.  Theirs includes at least 2 films about stuntman Daniel Cassidy who finds himself trapped in a costume and given super-powers.  Who knows?  Maybe they made a movie out of Shadowpact Vol. 2: Cursed.

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A Rita Farr Movie?

On the double-feature with Blue Devil 2 is The Rita Farr Story.  Now is their take on Elasti-Girl a fictional tale or a bio-pic?  Maybe Iris will write a review and let us know.

A New 52?

We always like a good 52 reference, and when Cisco is helping to shut down the reactor he’s standing right by Intake 52.

Foreshadowing Justice?

Catch the plaque in the Central City Police Department?  It represents Truth, Liberty, and in a possible call out to a famous League—Justice!  Check out the characters in the image and see if there are any other Justice League shout-outs.


Did You Get Misty?

Tonight’s villain, Kyle Nimbus, is also known appropriately as The Mist and has appeared in a number of different permutations throughout DC’s history.  Over the years he’s fought a lot of heroes, and you can catch a version of an older Mist battling his arch-nemesis, Starman!


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