DC PREVIEW – DC POWER 2024: Check out These Stories Coming to DC’s Hit Black History Month Anthology    

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Variant Cover DC Power 2024 Anthology

New Variant Cover Available Featuring Art by Celebrated DC Artist and Milestone Media Co-Founder Denys Cowan

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Following the initial announcement of the DC POWER 2024 one-shot for February’s Black History Month, DC’s is revealing more details on the stories, characers and talent that make up this groundbreaking cultural anthology. Featuring an introduction from Cyborg writer Morgan Hampton, DC POWER is a salute to the talented Black storytellers and Super Heroes that have been woven into the fabric of the DC Universe. This must-have anthology also features a dynamic new variant cover by DC and Milestone artist and co-founder Denys Cowan (Detective Comics, The Question, Hardware: Season One, Icon vs. Hardware).

The 2024 lineup of stories includes:        

Far Sector preview page 1 DC Power 2024
Far Sector preview page 3 DC Power 2024
Far Sector preview page 2 DC Power 2024

“Enduring Farewells,” by NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell

Revealed with the initial announcement of DC POWER 2024, The Far Sector team of Sci-Fi writer NK Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell reunite for this epilogue to their Hugo award-winning series. Set at the end of Green Lantern Jo Mullein’s 12-month probationary duty, Green Lantern John Stewart arrives at the City Enduring to help wrap up her tour, and escort her back to Oa. This epilogue also serves as a bridge to the 2021 Green Lantern run written by Geoffrey Thorne.    

The Signal preview page 1, DC Power 2024
The Signal preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“The Light That Shines,” by Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph

Spotlighting The Signal, this story by Thomas and Randolph is the spiritual successor to “The Second Signal,” from 2021’s Batman: Black and White #6. During a battle with Chronos, Duke Thomas is transported to an alternate future version of Gotham City, where he is the Batman.

The Spectre preview page 1, DC Power 2024
The Spectre preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“The Session,” by Shawn Martinbrough and Tony Akins

Writer Shawn Martinbrough returns to author a new story featuring Crispus Allen, the GCPD Detective turned Spectre he co-created with Greg Rucka within the pages of Detective Comics. Featuring art by Martinbrough’s Red Hood partner Akins, The Spectre teams up with Renee Montoya (The Question) to solve a mystery with strong ties to Martinbrough’s upcoming Red Hood: The Hill.

Black Manta preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Black Manta preview page 2, DC Power 2024

 “Lost At Sea,” by Deron Bennett and Denys Cowan

An Eisner award-nominated letterer, Bennett makes his DC writing debut in this Black Manta story, with art by iconic DC artist and Milestone Media co-founder Cowan. In this story, Black Manta finds himself collaborating with a crew of scavengers, one of whom reminds him of his son, Jackson Hyde. Observing his crewmate, Black Manta is forced to reflect on his relationship with his son.                  

Thunder and Lightning preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Thunder and Lightning preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“Spice of Life,” by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Asiah Fulmore

Featuring Thunder and Lightning (Anissa and Jennifer Pierce), this tale comes from Milestone Initiative cohort Eaton (making her DC Universe debut) with artist Fulmore, whose first DC work was with Shannon and Dean Hale on the middle grade graphic novel Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld. Anissa Pierce heads home after experiencing difficulties with her power, just in time to team up with sister Jennifer to stop the Condiment King from causing mayhem at a local food festival.               

Bloodwynd preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Bloodwynd preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“Pit Stop,” by Lamar Giles and Sean Damien Hill

Acclaimed YA prose writer Giles follows up his DC/Milestone debut (Static: Up All Night) with Blood Syndicate: Season One artist Hill in this story featuring Bloodwynd. Set after “A Superman For Hell” from Action Comics Presents Doomsday Special #1, Raphael Arce discovers the true history of the Bloodwynd mantle and his family’s connection to the Blood Gem.

Val-Zod preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Val-Zod preview page 2, DC Power 2024

 “Pure Blackness,” by John Ridley and Edwin Galmon

I Am Batman writer and Oscar award-winning screenwriter Ridley teams up with breakout DC artist Galmon for a solo story featuring Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, diving into what makes him such a unique version of the Man of Steel.                 

Nubia preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Nubia preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“The Natural Order,” by Alitha Martinez

As both writer and artist, Martinez (REPRESENT!: “It’s A Bird,” Batgirls, Nubia Coronation Special) creates a team-up readers would never expect, as Nubia and Mr. Mxyzptlik join forces to prevent both a dark mage and a minotaur from invading Themyscira.                

Kid Flash preview page 1, DC Power 2024
Kid Flash preview page 2, DC Power 2024

“Jump Shots and Loose Watts,” by Jarrett Williams and Domo Stanton

Speed Force writer Williams and Stanton (REPRESENT!: “The Lesson,” The Sandman Universe: House of Whispers), craft a story featuring Kid Flash (Wallace West), spinning out the new Speed Force series. In working with a kid at a local community center, Kid Flash reflects on his upbringing, and how it shapes him as a Super Hero. 

Mr Terrific preview page 1, DC Power 2024


Mr Terrific preview page 2, DC Power 2024


Fair Play,” by Greg Burnham and Jahnoy Lindsay

Milestone Initiative alum Burnham and artist Lindsay team up for a story featuring Mr. Terrific. When Michael Holt and a political activist are targeted by assassins, Mr. Terrific is forced to figure a way out without the aid of his technology.

In stores January 30, 2024, DC POWER 2024  joins the January 23 release of the hardcover version of DC POWER 2023 as an early kickoff to Black History month, with more to come throughout the month of February. For the latest information on all things DC, visit the official website at www.dc.com, and follow @DCOfficial and @thedcnation on social media. A host of incredible stories spotlighting DC’s Black Super Heroes and storytellers can also be found through the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE (DCUI) Digital Subscription platform. For more information and a free trial, visit the official DCUI website at www.dcuniverseinfinite.com. DCUI is not available in all countries and is not intended for children.