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The secrets in this week’s episode are coming as fast as The Flash  Here are this week’s #DCTV Secrets you might be asking about:

  • Who is Bette Sans Souci?
  • Who is General Wayne Eiling?
  • What's with that Cameron Scott shout-out?
  • Is that Gorilla named Grodd?

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She’s also known as Plastique!

As the human bomb named Plastique, Bette Sans Souci has played a large role in the DC Universe, often in storylines featuring Captain Atom.  She’s been part of the Suicide Squad, the Secret Society of Super Villains, and the Crime Syndicate.  So obviously she’s got a bit of the bad girl in her.  You might say, she’s Forever Evil.

This General’s no hero.

Sometimes simply just known as The General, General Wade Eiling also appears in Captain Atom stories, but he has teamed up with Lex Luthor to go up against the Justice League from time to time. 

Cameron Scott?

Barry and his team track down Bette through an un-seen associate named Cameron Scott.  This brings the Captain Atom references full circle, because in the DC Universe, Cameron Scott is one of the secret identities of… wait for it…

Captain Atom.

Time will tell whether or not we’ll see this very interesting (and very powerful) superhero on The Flash.  But for now, check out his adventures here.

The future is getting hairier

A gorilla.  Named Grodd.  We’re getting very excited!

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